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Dr. Max E. Collins and Cold Laser Technology/ Frequency Modulated Light Response

History: In the late 1990’s, I began to study the work of Dr. Royal Rife, which allows energy to be placed through the body and change the biological terrain. Gas-filled vacuum light tubes and electrodes were used is his work. It was at this same time that I was first introduced to low level lasers and the increased energy available for treating. See history of Royal Rife on the internet. I was impressed that with the use of low level lasers, we could build a unit similar to what Dr. Rife had thought possible. The photon energy from the laser allows a more complete application of the sound and light. Our bodies become the gas-filled light tube through which the sound frequencies are passed. The purpose of the development was the creation of a device that has the ability to evaluate and assist the body in balancing the possible combinations which exist within the elements of this world. The device allows one to regain control of the expression of life through the use of Frequency Modulated Light Response or FM Light Response.

Theory: The Periodical Table of Elements, as seen on page two of this document, is the dust of the earth from which we are formed and the ability to stabilize elements which have become disorganized relative to the purpose of their normal function. If we look at The Table of Elements, the first thing we want to understand is that if there is an increase in one element, there will be a decrease in another. The example of copper excess can be used and we find that zinc will become decreased in the same regions. The element of increase will be beside the element of decrease across the row of the periodical table. If calcium (Ca) is increased potassium (K) will be decreased. If the element in a column is present below in excess, the elements above will be decreased. The example of mercury (Hg) being increased (below) results in zinc (Zn) (above) will be decreased. If calcium is in excess the cell will be awake and magnesium (Mg) will be decreased. If potassium is in excess the cell will be asleep and sodium will be decreased. We must elevate the calcium levels in the cell for the cell to function and this is accomplished by pumping calcium into the cell via the sodium potassium pump. All metabolic functions of life come from the simple function of awakening the cell by actively pumping calcium inside the cell. If this process fails, life within the cell stops and we have death. If we add electrons to unstable elements, the elements become stable and are able to perform in compound creations of life which create salts of building and salts of excretion. Free radicals are compounds with missing electrons, and if electrons are provided, the radical compounds become stable and can be used for excretion or repair. Light and sound can provide electrons, similar to what we see in chlorophyll production in plants and vitamin D in our bodies. If we have copper in excess, a copper and selenium salt must be created to balance the problem. The sound frequency of copper at 3.45 hertz supports the electron migration with the selenium at 34.5 hertz and the excretion compound is formed. If mercury is in excess, the sound frequency of 1.25 hertz supports the new compound with magnesium at 12.5 hertz.

Application: The application is simple in that sound and light travels in water and by modulation of the light with sound, the energy to move electrons is provided directly to the water of our body. Purple light has the highest level of absorption just as it reaches the ultraviolet wave length. This is also the frequency of light which can move electrons most effectively. Treatment occurs as the sound and light moves through the water of the body and cells. This is perhaps the most limiting part of the treatment because if we are not hydrated at a cellular level, the treatment is less effective in the process of electron migration. Our bodies are 80% water, but most people are hardly 50% hydrated. This limits the treatment because of decreased ability to provided energy into the cell. Finding ways to increase the cellular hydration specific to our metabolism will be the single most difficult task to accomplish. If we can obtain 70% hydration the effectiveness of the treatment is markedly improved. The application of the probes is made to the abdominal region and the top of the head for the best results. The top of the head gives direct access to the cerebral spinal fluids and the migration sites into the midbrain and brainstem. This region has the most potential for affecting all of the other water of the body for both physical tissue formation and neurotransmitter development. The light probes can be placed at the site of pain and injury, finishing with a cycle on the head. Clothing does not affect the ability for the probes to transmit the energy for electron migration. Casting and other bandaging will not effect the transmission and can be left in place for the treatments. It is important to assist the body through as much movement as possible so that cellular hydration is enhanced.

Expectations:The process of restoring normal function of elements, compounds, tissues, organs and body is based on the simple concept of electron migration. Abnormal expression is based on the altered biological terrain and if this terrain can be restored normal biological terrain is restored. The overgrowth of micro-organisms exist because of this altered terrain and through the restoration of order, healthy organisms repress the growth of unhealthy organisms. Intellect and knowledge are facilities of our inner light and not the physical brain. It is through this godly light that the elements of this earth, from which we are made, come together to form this physical body. Modulated light can assist in electron migration, which improves order and the inner light can express a more normal physical expression. Balancing the body through electron migration is the simple key of life like that of calcium being pumped into the cell, sustaining life.

How Soft Laser Therapy Works

Free radicals are compounds with missing electrons which then result in the improper function of the metabolic processes. Sound and light can move electrons very well like we see in the production of vitamin D and chlorophyl in plants. These electrons at the correct frequency can stabilize the free radiacal compounds and then are used for building blocks or excreation wastes.

Hyperbaric therapy with oxygen has also been added due to the laser therapy because of the added benefits of increasing the cellular dose. The primary function of the laser therapy is the electron migration. Oxygenation and hydration are directly proportional so if there is greater hydration there is greater oxygenation within the cell. Moving the extrcellular fluids into the inracellular spaces are also accomplished with hyperbaric therapy. The most absorbed frequency of light by water and the human body is between 395nm and 400nm. The wavelength that seems to be most influential in heavey metal excreation and thus the ability to change genetic coding is 397nm. On the ocean floor it is this frequency of light that shows the greatest change in metabolic function. The nitric oxide levels play an important roll in stem cell inhancement which can not occur in an inflammation state of the cell. Levels of oxygen and nitrogen double every 33 feet in the ocean. We did the testing in depths that often reached 100 feet at which depth the only wave length of light was the fuscia which is at 397nm. At this depth the oxygen levels reach almost 100% and the nitrogen levels exceed 300%.

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